El Cuero


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Press release:
El_Cuero presseskriv_2015.pdf

Excerpt from reviews in English:

– ”Outstanding debut. Great songs, warm harmonies and organic sounds sums up the debut of El Cuero.”
5/6 VG

– ”Surprisingly professional and classy. A band that loves what they do, are great players, singers and backing singers, and who does this as if they have never done anything else.”
5/6 Nordlys

– ”El Cuero has ”got it”, they have recorded their slow, americana-spiced fuzz-rock live in the studio, and understood the importance of the dynamics that has to be there to make ”longdistance” rock fly.”

– ”Those who have experienced El Cuero live never doubted: They have made to the recording also. And with the consistent, stunning and well-composed debut they have expanded even further. THE BEST ROCK BAND IN THE COUNTRY!”
5/6 Groove.no

– ”Hats off to El Cuero for making such a professional, classy and great debutalbum. Only time will show if it deserves to be called a classic.”
5/6 Rockeweb.no

– ”Sensational Norwegian debut”.
5/6 Tromsøby.no

– ”Songs like ”I Hate Myself (for loving you)”, ”My Roving Eye”, ”Did You See Them” and ”Ain’t It Hard” speaks for a band we want to hear more from”.